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At Inmon Data Systems we believe that customer success is the most important metric of our business. Our technology is world-class but it can only have major impact on your business if it is backed up by excellent service. The IDS service model is the result of Bill Inmon's extensive experience with customers worldwide. You are assured of high value because we customize our offerings to suit your needs.

IDS offers services in several important areas.

Professional Services
Our professional services team utilizes best practices related to your project and your industry. IDS consultants have deep expertise in the areas that are most important to enhancing the value of your unstructured content. Specifically, we have experience in the following areas:

• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Customer Relationship Management
• Compliance, including Records Management and Sarbanes Oxley
• Medical records management
• Manufacturing and supply chain management
• Churn Analysis
• Credit Scoring Analysis
• Exploration and Data Mining
• Data Marts and OLAP Processing
• Data visualization

The mission of the IDS services team is always to get you up and running quickly and to maximize the return on your investment in IDS solutions. Every professional service engagement begins with a statement of work which outlines the project objectives, timelines and deliverables. Most important, we follow a phased lifecycle approach that is designed to deliver early value and set the stage for future success. This "Total Cost, Total Return" engagement model provides immediate returns with long term benefits.

Partner Services
IDS has partnerships with the world’s leading technology and services providers. Each of these partners has been carefully selected because of their deep horizontal and vertical industry expertise. Every partner is chosen to deliver services that deeply extend IDS solutions, allowing you to achieve even greater success.

Customer Training
At Inmon Data Systems, we are committed to empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to be successful. The IDS comprehensive training programs make learning easy, convenient, and relevant to your business challenges. Every training program is designed to get you productive as quickly as possible and to maximize every part of the investment you have made in IDS solutions.

Technical Support
IDS solutions have been designed to perform without requiring significant amounts of technical support. However, we realize that support is always an important component of any technology solution and that you will appreciate timely and accurate answers to your questions and problems. Support program range from basic support to preferred support for those organizations that require round-the-clock support.

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