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Enterprise Metadata Repository

Metadata has been around for as long as there have been programs and files. And while a shop is small and decentralized, there is no recognition of the need for the management of metadata. In addition, as long as all systems are new and well documented, the need for metadata management goes unrecognized.

But in today’s world, systems are not new, are not well documented, and are not all situated in a single location. Today’s systems are complex and run in many disparate environments that encompass many kinds of technologies with many kinds of users spread over many locations. And most of the systems have little or no documentation, much less up to date and accurate documentation. To further complicate matters, the end user has taken over much of the domain of information processing.

There has never been a greater need for metadata management across the enterprise. Inmon Data System (IDS) answers this need with our Enterprise Metadata Repository (EMR) solution. The IDS solution works across all the places metadata is stored and managed, including ERP systems, CRP systems, legacy systems, archives, data marts, stand alone text, emails and reports. Likewise, EMR is equally effective regardless of where the existing metadata is stored and accessed, including Oracle, DB2, Teradata, VSAM directories, Informatica, and Business Objects.

For the first time, the Inmon EMR solution gives you an all important view by collecting and managing all metadata at the enterprise level. At this point, you can achieve many important benefits, including:

  • Consolidation of silo metadata
  • Consolidation of both structured and unstructured metadata
  • Determining where there is overlap
  • Determining where there are holes in systems
  • Determining the flow of data across the enterprise
  • Forming a basis for impact analysis



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